BUCHANAN COUNTY, Va. (WJHL) – Congressman Griffith visited Buchanan County in light of the recent flood impacting the Whitewood area.

On his visit, Griffith witnessed the devastation the flood brought to residents.

“You see cars tossed aside, you see houses washed away. That’s the big ticket items. But then you’ve got the meat that was in the freezer that was going to take care of food for the next few months, and those kinds of things,” said Griffith.

Griffth spoke with residents of Buchanan County with terrifying stories from the night. Stories like Troy Coleman’s, who said people fled to his porch for higher ground that night.

“We sat on the front porch, we talked, we watched the water raise, things go by – portapotties, refrigerators, stoves just all kinds of different stuff,” said Coleman.

Coleman says he’s been trying to take supplies back and forth from the relief center to elderly neighbors and others in need. Griffith said he wants to participate in that “neighbor helping neighbor” mentality by taking action in Washington to get victims FEMA funds.

“I think they made a mistake in Hurley and we’re working together on both sides of the aisle, the senators, Warner and Kaine are on board, and we’re going to try to get help here in Buchanan County,” said Griffith. “It’s just heartwrenching to see this, but we’re going to do everything we can to work as a team. State, local, federal.”