‘A lesson in charity:’ 4-year-old sets up lemonade stand to support Va. Beach shooting victims


A local Virginia Beach boy sets up a lemonade stand with the help of his baby brother in light of the tragedy that took 12 lives on May 31.

Chocolate chip cookies sealed tight in Ziploc bags and plastic cups stacked on the side, 4-year-old Albert eagerly leans on a table with his 7-month-old brother Easton next to him.

Written in chalk on the side, it says “Lemonade and Cookies.”

The two brothers have set up a lemonade stand in front of their home in Glenwood, Virginia Beach to support of the victims, survivors and families that were affected by the shooting that occurred on May 31.

Their parents take the chance to teach the two brothers a lesson in empathy and charity in light of the recent tragedy.

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“We are trying to teach them from a young age about charity work and how important it is to help others so we sat them down,” says Kaylen Burnett, the boys’ mother.

“Obviously the 7-month-old doesn’t understand yet, but we explained to them that when we have a chance, it’s always good to do stuff to help people that are having a hard time or going through something bad that happened to them, and that we can try to help lift their spirits!”Burnett said.

The brothers have previously worked with rescue animals and fostered a couple, but their parents want them to know that they can make a difference helping people as well.

“They had a blast helping people today and were all smiles getting to meet new faces,” Burnett said.” They especially had fun making lemonade and baking cookies!”

Albert and Easton were able to raise nearly $300 to donate to the United Way Fund set up for the Virginia Beach tragedy.

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