(WJHL) — The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) on Thursday announced that outdoor enthusiasts can take advantage of free hunting day on Saturday, Aug. 27.

The event allows Tennesseans to hunt for one day without a hunting license or WMA permit requirements. It also coincides with the launch of squirrel season, a news release from the TWRA states.

“The TWRA encourages regular hunters to introduce friends and family members (young and old) to the outdoor sport,” the release reads. “It is also an excellent opportunity for people who have not tried hunting in a while to be reintroduced to the sport.”

While licenses and WMA permits are waived on free hunting day, TWRA officials reminded hunters that they must have undergone a hunter education course if their birthday falls on or after Jan. 1, 1969. An apprentice license is required for those born in that date range if they have not taken the course.

“This license exempts the hunter from the mandatory hunter education law for one year from the date of purchase but may only be purchased for up to three consecutive years during the lifetime of the hunter,” the release reads. “Those under 10 years of age do not need a Hunter Education certificate but must be accompanied by an adult at least 21 years of age who must remain in a position to take immediate control of the hunting device.”

Hunters may harvest up to 10 squirrels a day from Aug. 27 through March 15, 2023. The Tennessee Fish and Wildlife Commission extended the season’s end date from the end of February. Hunting days begin a half hour before sunrise and a half hour before sunset.

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