NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) — State lawmakers have advanced a bill that would require businesses to notify customers if it allows a “member of either biological sex to use any public restroom within the building or facility.”

The Tennessee House Public Service Subcommittee on Wednesday recommended House Bill 1182 for passage and referred it to the State Government Committee.

The bill by Rep. Tim Rudd (R-Murfreesboro) states: “A public or private entity or business that operates a building or facility open to the general public and that, as a matter of formal or informal policy, allows a member of either biological sex to use any public restroom within the building or facility shall post notice of the policy at the entrance of each public restroom and at each entrance of the building accessible by the general public.”

The legislation would require the notice to state “this facility maintains a policy of allowing the use of restrooms by either biological sex, regardless of the designation on the restroom.”

“This legislation is for the protection of women and children against sexual predators that could be taking advantage of policies, executive orders, or legislation that may allow the opposite biological sex to enter a restroom, shower, or locker room that allows more than one person in the facility at a time,” Rudd said. “This legislation does not in any way address who can or cannot enter these facilities.”

Rudd said his bill is not aimed at transgender people.

Rep. Rebecca Alexander (R-Jonesborough) expressed concern about requiring a business to post a sign on the outside of the building and the impact that could have on the business.

The Senate version of the bill, sponsored by Sen. Paul Rose (R-Covington), has been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee.