NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL)- Tennessee Governor Bill Lee said he has introduced legislation that would allow those 21 and older to carry a handgun with or without a permit.

Governor Lee said Tennessee is joining 16 states in introducing this constitutional carry law.

There would be restrictions that come with this legislation.

“This law would extend the constitutional right to carry a handgun to all law-abiding citizens with or without a permit who are 21 and older except in restricted areas,” Governor Lee said.

Both State Representative John Holsclaw (R- Elizabethton) and State Senator Jon Lundberg (R-Bristol) stood beside the Governor as he made the announcement.

This is being introduced as an administration bill.

Governor Lee said the proposed legislation, “would significantly increase penalties on those who steal, or unlawfully possess a firearm, including a mandatory minimum sentence for those who steal a firearm.”