NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – As part of its annual “Crime on Campus” report, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation released a rundown of offenses reported in higher education last year.

You can find the full report, including a breakdown of each institution’s statistics, below:


In an overview, TBI data shows that crime across all categories decreased 4% from 2020 to 2021. Since 2018, the TBI said crime is down 32.5% overall.

Specific categories of charges increased, however, with an 18.7% jump in Assaults year-to-year. Assault charges made up 489 incidents across the state in 2021, compared to 412 from 2020.

Thefts slightly increased in 2021 but were part of a larger downtrend from 2018. According to the TBI, there were 32.4% fewer theft cases reported in 2021 than in 2018.

The TBI also provided data on the relationship between offenders and victims:

  • The majority of charges considered “crimes against persons” or robberies were allegedly committed by an acquaintance, with 46.5% of reported offenders being loosely connected to the victim.
  • The only murder reported by the TBI was allegedly committed by a family member.
  • Rape cases were largely reported to have been committed by acquaintances (41.2%), with 23.5% of alleged offenders being reported as an intimate partner of the victim.
  • 58.5% of fondling cases were alleged to have been committed by an acquaintance, and fondling was the only sex crime reported to have offenders that were complete strangers to the victim.
  • Overall, 22.5% of relationships were classified as unknown.

Local Schools

East Tennessee State University

At ETSU, 160 offenses were reported to the TBI throughout 2021. Of those, destruction/damage/vandalism cases made up the largest percentage at 44 cases or 27.5%. Assaults were second in number, at 41 cases or 25.6%. Eight sexual charges were reported by ETSU in 2021, with four being classified as forcible rape. Of those four, one was “cleared” by investigators arresting a suspect.

King University

King reported a total of 27 incidents in 2021, with vandalism and destruction of property also making up the largest portion. The university reported a single case of rape in the year; however, accounting for institution size the rate of offenses per 1,000 people on campus is equivalent to ETSU’s at 0.5. No assault incidents were reported in 2021.

Milligan College

Milligan saw a total of four reported incidents, all of which were larcenies and thefts. On average, a quarter of the cases were cleared.

Northeast State Community College

A dozen incidents were reported by NESCC in 2021, most of which were vandalism and destruction charges (83.3%). Of all incidents across campus, including two thefts, none were reported as cleared.

Tennessee College of Applied Technology at Elizabethton

No incidents were reported by TCAT Elizabethton during 2021.

Tusculum University

Drug violations made up 11 of Tusculum’s 12 reported incidents, with the only outlier being a burglary case. The institution saw a high clearance rate, at 81.8% for drugs/narcotics and 100% for burglary.