NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) released its 2022 Law Enforcement-Related Deaths report outlining the conditions surrounding deadly use-of-force incidents throughout the state.

You can find the full report below:

According to the report, 28 people were killed in use-of-force incidents in 2022. The majority of those incidents (19) took place in streets, alleys, roads, highways and sidewalks. Six occurred in homes. A table breaks down deadly incidents by year below:

Source: TBI

Nine incidents were initiated by officers responding to “unlawful or suspicious activity,” the report said, and seven took place during traffic stops. Three deadly incidents reportedly took place during “medical, mental health or welfare assistance.”

According to the TBI, 60.71% (17) of those killed in use-of-force incidents were classified as white. Black/African-American decedents made up 35.71% (10) of those killed, the TBI report said.

U.S. Census data reports that white residents make up roughly 78% of Tennessee’s population, and Black residents make up roughly 17%.

The TBI also reports that of the 28 people killed in those 2022 incidents, one was classified as female.

The report broke down types of resistance shown by those killed in use-of-force incidents. A TBI-created chart can be found below:

Source: TBI

The report specified that multiple resistance types could be reported in a single incident. Eleven cases involved a person allegedly displaying a firearm, and 10 involved a person allegedly using a firearm against an officer or another person. Another chart reported that 25 of the 28 people killed were armed at the time of the incident, but report materials did not define what exactly qualified a person as armed.

Four people were killed while allegedly attempting to escape officers, and the report said two subjects had not resisted officers when they were killed.