(WJHL) – An official with the Tennessee Lottery confirmed with News Channel 11 Tuesday that Tennesseans could begin betting on sports online as soon as November 1, possibly sooner.

In an email statement to News Channel 11’s Bianca Marais, TN Lottery Communications Director Dave Smith released:

“We have told applicants we would like to go live no later than Nov. 1 and that we will start earlier if possible. We have four operator applications that have been deemed complete, and background checks are in the process of being conducted. There is one incomplete application from another potential operator. The four complete operator applications have not come before the Lottery Board of Directors for action yet.”

Dave Smith, TN Lottery

“Vendors” are defined in the state’s sports gaming license rules, regulations, and standards as:

“…a contractor, subcontractor, or independent contractor hired, or contracted with, by the TEL or by a Licensee or Supplier for the purpose of facilitating the business of the TEL or a Licensee or Supplier who provides goods or services that are material and ancillary to conducting Interactive Sports Gaming in the State of Tennessee and that must be approved for Registration as a Vendor
as provided in Section 15.1.4(A)(3) of the Rules. “Vendor” does not include a lottery system vendor.”

Sports Gaming Rules, Regulations and Standards adopted 6/16/20

The state has listed 23 vendors online as approved, including Wedge Traffic.

List of vendors on TNLottery.com

Wedge Traffic CEO David Copeland sent the following statement to News Channel 11’s Bianca Marais:

“Wedge Traffic are hugely excited to be entering the Tennessee market. As the owner of such well-known properties as www.americanbettingexperts.com, the opening up of this great state’s sports betting market is something we have high hopes for. Wedge traffic is a global business based out of the UK and with offices across the US, well known as a premier affiliate marketing partner of all the major brands that Tennessee citizens will soon be familiar with!”

David Copeland, Wedge Traffic

Some rules have been put in place regarding the physical act of betting online.

Bettors must, according to the Tennessee Lottery website, be over 21 years of age, and must physically be in the State of Tennessee to bet online.

On August 24, the TN Lottery released guidance for how bettors will be tracked in order to ensure that they are, in fact, in Tennessee.

According to the technical bulletin released by the state lottery:

“In order to prevent unauthorized use of the internet or a mobile device to place a sports
wager when a patron is not within the State of Tennessee, the sports wagering operator
shall utilize a licensed geofence system to reasonably detect the physical location of a
patron attempting to access the online sports wagering system and place a wager; and
to monitor and block unauthorized attempts to access the online sports wagering
system in order to place a wager when a patron is not within the permitted boundary.”

Geolocation Field Testing and Additional Guidance from the TN Lottery

Hanes Torbett, a member of the TN Lottery’s Sports Wagering Advisory Council, released the following statement to News Channel 11’s Bianca Marais:

“I sit on the Tennessee Lottery’s Sports Wagering Advisory Council. The Advisory Council advises the Lottery Board of Directors of best practices and provides administrative and technical assistance. The Lottery, its Board of Directors, and the Advisory Council have worked hard throughout this process to establish regulatory rules and standards that support a responsible and competitive sports wagering program in Tennessee. Bettors must be 21 years or older and must be located in Tennessee in order to place a wager. There is no limit on the number of operators who can be licensed, so expect to have choices on November 1, as to whom they want to bet with and I expect those operators will offer a variety of competitive betting options.”

Hanes Torbett, Tennessee Lottery’s Sports Wagering Advisory Council

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