NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) – The National Weather Service has released preliminary information on the tornado damage in the Nashville area after storms devastated the area early Tuesday.

According to the NWS Nashville, damage was surveyed across Davidson County, and parts of Wilson and Smith County were also surveyed.

NWS reports the following findings:

  • John C Tune area: EF-2 (130 mph)
  • Germantown/North Nashville: EF-2 (125 mph)
  • East Nashville/Five Points: EF-3 (136-140 mph)
  • Donelson: EF-3 (160-165 mph)
  • Mt. Juliet: EF-3 (155-160 mph)
  • Lebanon in Smith County: EF-1

NWS stressed in the report that the above findings are not an actual tornado count, as damage is still being surveyed across the area.

The report says that while areas are still being cleared, “It is clear, however, that an EF-3 tornado impacted the Nashville Metro area early this morning.”

According to NWS, tornadoes are categorized based on the Enhanced Fujita Scale, which measures a tornado’s wind speed and the damage it causes on the ground.

The weakest tornado is an EF-0, which features wind speeds of 65-85 mph and minimal damage on the ground.

The strongest tornadoes are placed in the EF-5 category, which is marked by wind speeds over 200 mph and devastating damage on the ground.

EF-2s (111-135 mph) and EF-3s (136-165 mph) are typically classified as causing moderate to severe damage in their areas of effect.

Putnam County has not yet been surveyed by NWS Nashville, but NWS says the county will be surveyed once it is safe to do so.

Results may be adjusted by NWS as more information is available and more surveys are conducted.

You can read the full preliminary report below:

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