NASHVILLE, TN (WKRN) – With words right from the top, there may be new hope for medical cannabis supporters in Tennessee. 

Half of the six major candidates for governor are supportive of an oil-based form of medical cannabis, but President Trump recent comments seem to go even further in their support. 

“I have said that before President Trump runs again for re-election, he will have given the decision of the cannabis plant to each individual state,” says Rep. Jeremy Faison 

He sponsored the medical cannabis bill that was withdrawn during this past legislative session because of not enough support. 

The president earlier this month spoke about the legalization of recreational marijuana and medical cannabis when asked about it. 

“I think medical should happen–don’t we agree?” he asked a crowd. “And then I really believe you should leave it up to the states–it should be a state situation.” 

Those words are not moving three of the four major Republican candidates running for governor in Tennessee. 

On a day after the first statewide televised debate involving the major candidates, Faison was not holding anything back. 

“Three are not looking at reality,” Faison said. “Speaker Harwell is looking at reality and she knows this plant helps a lot of people.” 

Not surprisingly, the Republican Faison supports Speaker Beth Harwell for governor, but he also knows both Democrats running for governor have indicated support for medical marijuana or cannabis. 

It means the issue could be key as Tennesseans decide on either a Democrat or Republican as their next governor. 

Early voting in the August 2 statewide primary for governor begins July 13.