EAST NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A photo of elementary school students outside of an adult toy shop has caught the attention of residents across East Nashville.  

The area by the business has become the designated school bus stop for students who live in the Fallbrook Apartments.   

“It’s ridiculous, man you see a bunch of kids in front of a sex store…They don’t have no blinds or nothing and that’s not right for kids,” James Riley said.

“I’ve called the board, I’ve called the school, I’ve sent pictures,” Melissa Moore said. 

Melissa Moore said her biggest concern is safety on Dickerson Pike.

“If Rocketship, which is the school right in front of Jenna’s Adult Toy Box, if they are not in school, then we don’t have a crossing guard,” Moore said.  

She said accidents have become more and more frequent near the school bus pick-up location. “There was a wreck where they knocked down that poll, knocked the whole entire poll down two months ago.”

However, parents aren’t the only ones concerned.  

“Sometimes people get the wrong idea when they see them standing out there,” said Hazel Jensen, owner of Jenna’s Adult Toy Box.

Jensen said the shop has sat on Dickerson Pike for decades. “[Since the] ’80s, it’s been here 40 years.”

With no plans to move her shop, Jensen is requesting the school bus pick up students in their neighborhood or a more age-appropriate location.

“The school buses need to go down the street and pick the kids up,” Jensen said. “I don’t know anywhere else where they don’t do that.” 

News Channel 11’s sister station in Nashville reached out to Metro Schools and the school board representative to confirm that Jenna’s Adult Toy Box is the designated school bus stop. However, they have not heard back as of the time this article was published.