NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – ‘Tis the season for gift-giving and good food! Before making the usual holiday staples, one survey suggests there are less famous alternatives that Tennesseans prefer for Christmas dinner.

A survey conducted by Crestline, recently asked over 2,100 Americans to provide their opinions on popular holiday foods ranging from entrees, sides and desserts. 

According to the study, Tennesseans have a sweet tooth when it comes to Christmas, stating that candy canes are the best items to have on the dinner table.

The Most Popular Christmas Foods:

  1. Roasted potatoes (91%)
  2. Scalloped potatoes (83%)
  3. Roast beef (77%)
  4. Red velvet cake (76%)
  5. Ham (76%)
  6. Christmas nuts (76%)

Most popular in Tennessee: Candy Canes

The study mentions that Tennesseans ranked lamb as one of the worst items to have on the table for a Christmas dinner. However, states like Minnesota, Florida and Massachusetts named lamb as the best item on the menu.

The least popular Christmas foods:

  1. Persimmon pudding (13%)
  2. Fruitcake (25%)
  3. Goose (29%)
  4. Duck (40%)
  5. Lamb (46%)

Least popular in Tennessee: Lamb

According to the survey, a majority of Americans agreed that chocolate chip cookies should be on the dinner table, with 94% ranking the cookie as the best-baked item to have for the holidays.

To view the full survey, click here.