NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — As the General Assembly prepares for its next session, Tennessee lawmakers have introduced new bills they would like to see debated in the legislature. Here are the latest bills filed this week. 

SB0071: Requires the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to perform forensic analysis of sexual assault evidence collection kits within 30 days of the bureau’s receipt of the sexual assault evidence collection kit from a law enforcement agency; requires the bureau to submit a plan for eliminating any existing backlog of sexual assault evidence collection kits waiting for analysis; requires the bureau to expunge a DNA record from a local, state, or national DNA database under certain circumstances. 

SB0072: Allows the practice of physical therapy to be under the written or oral referral of a nurse practitioner or physician assistant; removes certain minimum education requirements to engage in the independent practice of physical therapy. 

SB0073: Enacts the Tennessee Information Protection Act. 

SB0074/HB0027: Allows a student who earns the student’s first baccalaureate degree in less than the projected completion time to continue to receive the Tennessee HOPE scholarship in pursuit of an advanced degree. 

SB0075/HB0028: Deletes requirement that municipalities adopt a comprehensive growth plan and have an approved urban growth boundary prior to annexing unincorporated territory. 

HB0018: Prohibits the department of environment and conservation from applying criteria that will result in the classification of real property as a wetland where the property is classified as prior converted cropland that is exempt from classification as a wetland under federal law. 

HB0019: Allows persons convicted of a criminal offense and sentenced to a term of imprisonment in a penitentiary to serve as executor, administrator or guardian, fiduciary, or conservator; removes the requirement that a petition for appointment of a conservator, a petition for letters of administration, and a petition for letters testamentary contain a statement of any misdemeanor conviction of the proposed conservator or personal representative. 

HB0020: Prohibits the application of a bail deposit made by or on behalf of a defendant to the payment of a judgment for fine, court costs, or restitution entered in the prosecution of a cause; excepts bail forfeitures. 

HB0021: Enacts the “Support Micro-Businesses Act” to create a revolving loan fund to support certain small businesses. 

HB0022/SB0015: Requires an audiovisual recording to be made of any interrogation of a child who has been taken into custody on suspicion that the child committed a delinquent act or unruly conduct unless a technical issue with the equipment or exigent circumstances prevent the recording. 

HB0023/SB0027: Requires governing bodies to make agendas of meetings and supplemental meeting documents available to the public at least 48 hours prior to the meeting. 

HB0024/SB0014: Requires the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to analyze a sexual assault evidence collection kit within 30 days of the bureau’s receipt of the sexual assault evidence collection kit from a law enforcement agency. 

HB0025: Requires the department of transportation to report on or before Feb. 1, 2024, to the transportation committee of the house of representatives and the transportation and safety committee of the senate on any recommendations for changes that would improve transportation services for passengers with disabilities. 

HB0026/SB0013: Prohibits a court from requiring an individual to pay outstanding court-assessed fines, fees, taxes, or costs arising from a criminal proceeding, excluding restitution owed to a victim, during the 180-day period following the individual’s release from a term of imprisonment for a felony offense. 

HB0029: Authorizes a public institution of higher education to offer remedial or developmental courses or coursework to address student remedial needs, instead of prohibiting an institution from doing so.