KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – The man sentenced to consecutive life sentences for killing and dismembering his parents in their Knox County home over Thanksgiving 2016 has continued to threaten violence in jail.

In a letter dated October 8th, six days after a jury found him guilty on all seven charges including First Degree Murder, Felony Murder and Abuse of a Corpse, Joel Guy Jr. wrote a letter about his fantasies of gouging out the eyes of another inmate.

The handwritten letter was introduced as part of the State’s request for consecutive life sentences. According to the filing, the letter was sent to the Tennessee Department of Corrections in an effort to be moved to solitary confinement.

“I shouldn’t be allowed access to another person while they’re unconscious”

-Joel Guy Jr. in a letter to the Tennessee Dept. of Corrections

In it, Guy Jr. outlines plans to gouge another inmate’s eyes out using his hands. An excerpt from the letter: “Given that, in these fantasies, it is essential that I used my fingers, a no-sharps restriction will accomplish nothing in deterring there actualized.”

In the filing, the state cites Guy Jr.’s previous requests to be moved out of the general population while in jail. The filing calls the most recent letter evidence of Guy Jr.’s, “manipulative and devious behavior.”

Copy of the letter written by Joel Guy Jr. to request confinement with TDOC, obtained by WATE 6 On Your Side.

The letter, one of twelve points filed by the state in the request for consecutive sentences, concluded that because the killings of Joel Guy Sr. and Lisa Guy were separate, the sentences should run consecutively.

With that, Judge Steve Sword ruled Thursday that Guy Jr. will receive the maximum sentence on two counts of abuse of a corpse. Therefore adding four years plus two consecutive life sentences.

“This wasn’t just abuse of a corpse… this was the most extreme form of abuse of a corpse I’ve seen in 25 years. Hopefully, it’s the most severe I see in my entire career however long that lasts,” said Judge Sword before sentencing Guy Jr. to the maximum time allowed.