KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — The JFG sign, a long-standing landmark near Gay Street in Knoxville, was recently taken down.

This development caused a stir on social media in Knoxville, with many locals expressing their curiosity about the sign’s fate. The brightly lit sign was a fixture in the area and had been erected by the Knoxville-based coffee brand in the 1950s.

It had remained in its original location for nearly 70 years before crews began dismantling it on Monday, Oct. 2.

Reily Foods, the company that acquired JFG in 1965, was responsible for maintaining the sign. According to the company, they were forced to take down the sign due to their contract.

When speaking on the future of the sign, Jeff Gamble, the Plant Engineer at Reily Foods Company, said they “don’t know the future of the sign at this time.”

The removal process will be completed on Oct. 4.