ANDERSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WATE) — On September 15, Jason Dockery faced his first court hearing. He’s the main suspect in a shooting in Anderson County that left one woman dead and sent authorities on a two-day manhunt.  

The multi-day manhunt started on September 12 and ended with the suspect at the Anderson County Detention Facility. 

Circuit Court Matterw Tuck said, “Are you Mr. Jason Robert Dockery?” while Dockery appeared in court by video.  

Dockery responded, “Yes sir.” 

The judge then said, “Alright, you’ve been charged with one count of first-degree murder. ” 

“Yes sir,” were the only two words Dockery spoke during his arraignment hearing at Anderson County’s General Sessions Court. During the hearing, the judge set his bond at $2 million and assigned Dockery a public defender. 

“The video arraignment was done today in Anderson County. That’s typically how we do things. That way it keeps him contained at the jail. We don’t necessarily want to bring him out in public unless we have to for public safety,” said Anderson County Circuit Court Clerk, Rex Lynch. 

Anderson County Sheriff Russell Barker said capturing Dockery included the help of one woman in Union County who recognized him walking along Maynardville Highway and called the police. 

“As we learned more about him and developed him as a potential suspect, he has a pretty lengthy criminal history and is pretty violent and I can promise you our county and surrounding counties are a lot safer with this guy off the streets,” said Barker.

He added they’re still investigating the case further including the relationship between the suspect and the victim. According to the sheriff, Dockery will remain at the Anderson County Detention Facility until this case is complete.  

Lynch added, “Murder is a serious crime and that’s the fortunate thing about Anderson County, we don’t have a lot of that, but we do have it several times a year. We are prepared and hopefully, the system is going to work.” 

Dockery’s next court hearing will be September 27 at 9 a.m. at the Anderson County Courthouse in Clinton. 

Along with first-degree murder, Dockery faces several other felony charges in multiple East Tennessee counties. 

Prior to the pursuit, Dockery had a child in his car. According to Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, they are still investigating whether the child was in the car at the time of the shooting. ACSO has confirmed that the child is now safe.