NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WJHL) — For the fourth week in a row, pump prices across Tennessee have fallen — this week, by 13 cents.

AAA on Monday reported in its weekly updates that Tennessee still stands within the top 10 least expensive market in the nation in eighth place.

The average — $4.28 a gallon — is 35 cents less expensive compared to prices one month ago, but the price remains far over what was seen last year — $1.40, to be exact.

“We are now headed into the fourth straight week of declines for gas prices in Tennessee, which is providing a much-needed break at the pump for drivers, ” said Megan Cooper with AAA. “Despite a slight rise in gasoline demand over the Independence Day holiday — which would typically push prices more expensive — we are still seeing prices at the pump continue to drop thanks to falling crude oil prices.

“Barring any sudden rebound in the price of crude oil, it’s likely that we will continue to see falling prices at the gas pump again this week.”

According to a news release from AAA, 44% of Tennessee gas stations offer gas below $4.25, with the lowest 10% of pump prices remaining at $3.95 for regular unleaded and the highest 10% at $4.67.

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