CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA (WDBJ7) — A Charlottesville judge is allowing social media posts made by James Alex Fields, Jr. to be admitted into evidence during his trial.

In pretrial motions Thursday, Judge Richard Moore ruled evidence from Fields’ Instagram was admissible for trial.

According to court documents, Fields shared a meme on Instagram in May of 2017 that said, “You have the right to protest, but I’m late to work.”

The image depicts a car driving into a crowd of people.

Prosecutors showed evidence that Fields private messaged a similar meme May 12 to someone and added, “when I see protesters blocking.”

In a motion to admit the images as evidence, prosecutors argued the posts show “intent, motive and state of mind.”

Fields is facing 10 charges in relation to last year’s deadly “Unite the Right” rally. He is accused of plowing his car into a crowd of counter protesters, killing Heather Heyer, 32, and injuring 19 other people.