KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Knoxville is one step closer to having an indoor dog park and bar. It’s a concept dreamed up by Hanna Harris, the owner of “My curious canine”, a local dog training and boarding business.

The Bark will give dog owners a space that is safer and less intimidating than a traditional outdoor park. Trainers will perform behavior checks, look at shot records and they can care for your pups while you grab a beer.

“We have one of the largest dog populations in the country, we have the dog friendliest city in the nation. I think this is such a big part of the community because one, we need a safe way for our dogs to play, but also we need more resources for training as well and we’re really excited to bring it,” said Harris.

“We plan on serving a lot of local beers, we’re doing cans only so you don’t have to worry about glass breaking. You’ll be able to get a beer from the bar and go watch your furry friend play.”

In addition to a park, the Bark will be home to the existing training and boarding facility. Harris will go before the Knoxville Planning Commission on Thursday to request a special use permit for the small animal care facility. If all goes to plan, she hopes to open in the spring. The Bark will be located off Lamar Street.