(WJHL) – As Father’s Day approaches on June 19th, it can be difficult to find the gift for the man who has everything. He helped create you, after all.

So instead of finding the perfect addition to their useless tool collection, where should you actually go with your father this year?

Dads of All Kinds

Dads aren’t one-size-fits-all, so there’s a good chance you have a combo of all dad types found below. Your best bet is to find which one they resemble the most, and or try to combine their respective fields of expertise.

The Outdoor Dad

More comfortable in the underbrush than the recliner, the Outdoor Dad is well known for his campfire making and ability to drag a full unwilling family into the woods for bonding time. Always able to find a good hiking stick, the Outdoor Dad needs little more than the great outdoors to enjoy himself.

So what do you do with a dad like that? Simple. Take him to Roan Mountain.

Roan Mountain State Park’s massive population of Rhododendron flowers this time of year make it a perfect outdoors destination. (Photo/WJHL)

Roan Mountain State Park has a handful of campsites available for reservation on Saturday and Sunday night, but a hike through the area would be just as beautiful without the prior planning.

The Mechanic Dad

Have a gearhead dad that can always be found shoulder-deep in an engine bay on the weekends? What about a tuner dad that finds nothing more satisfying than fixing up the family van to grab that last scrap of power that he knows is hidden somewhere?

This weekend has an easy answer for that one.

Bristol Motor Speedway will host roaring engines this weekend, and your dad is invited. (Photo/WJHL)

At the NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals, speed is the name of the game. The event is scheduled over Father’s Day Weekend every year, and features three days of tooth-rattling acceleration.

The Fishing Dad

A rod, a reel and a lot of mosquitos — that’s all this dad needs to be happy. From the banks to the deep, Fishing Dads are in love with all things aquatic. Thankfully for you, the Tri-Cities are teeming with great spots.

From tranquil lakes to fast-moving shoals, the Tri-Cities has it all. (Photo/ Jeff Keeling WJHL)

With Johnson City named Tennessee’s best fishing spot, there’s good access to Boone Lake, Watauga Lake and a host of healthy rivers for dad to pull his next story out of.

The Connoisseur Dad

Okay, maybe your dad has more discerning tastes. Maybe he likes a good steak, or maybe a good rib? If your dad is happiest with a plate, bowl or glass in front of him, there are plenty of great options in the Tri-Cities.

Tennessee Hills’ Salt House has served as a destination distillery for years. (Photo/WJHL)

A tour of Tennessee Hills Distillery is on the table this Sunday, and according to Groupon you can get a tasting of local spirits on the cheap.

The Nerdy Dad

Maybe your dad prefers the more cerebral side of leisure. A slow day might find him lost in a book or documentary, and he always has something new teach others. In that case, why not take him somewhere with a little (or a lot) of history?

RHINO GRAY FOSSIL SITE_1557942587337.PNG.jpg
Featuring a massive collection of Pliocene-era fossils, the Gray Fossil Site has plenty for a dad who loves learning. (Photo/WJHL)

Getting a Nerdy Dad out to the Gray Fossil Site shouldn’t be much of a challenge, but getting him back out might be. Your ticket grants access to both the Hands On! Discovery Center and the site, and if you can’t take him out this weekend maybe you should consider the Big Dig experience, which brings you up-close and personal with an active fossil dig operation.