Dr. Enuf incorporating plastic bottles into supply chain


JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – If changes to Pals straws weren’t enough to do you in, your next trip to the vending machine may end with a surprise.

The Tri-City Beverage Corporation has begun trickling new Dr. Enuf bottles into regional supplies in a bid to capture new markets for the down-home drink.

According to Dr. Enuf’s website, the move to plastic bottles has been a long time coming, rather than a response to recent supply chain issues within the glass and bottle industry.

“We have found that in the regional and local markets we could expand our growth by being able to place our products in vending machines,” says vice president of regional sales Greg Lyon on the site. “Our distribution had been limited to convenience stores, grocery stores and other retail locations. With the added convenience of vending machines, we can distribute our products almost anywhere.”

In addition to vending capabilities, the new plastic packaging will permit purveyors to peddle the product in previously prohibited areas.

“The plastic container will enable us to provide Dr. Enuf where bottles are not allowed such as pools, schools and in manufacturing plants,” said Patrick Sturgill, vice president of local sales. “Sporting events, community centers and other locations where numerous Dr. Enuf customers visited could not get their favorite drinks. Now they will be able to enjoy their favorite Dr. Enuf drink in a plastic bottle at their favorite events.”

For those who prefer the classic feel of glass on a hot day, there’s no need to fear: Sturgill says they’re not going anywhere.

“We’re aware of the current ongoing supply-chain issues, but not really impacted by them,” Sturgill told News Channel 11. “As far as Dr. Enuf in plastic, that’s something we’ve always had for certain vending locations along with school grounds. We’re working with our glass company so we’re in a good position in terms of supplies for the near future.”

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