LETCHER COUNTY, Ky. (WJHL) – Water, clothes, blankets, food and cooking items filled the Perry family’s truck as they made the trip from Jonesborough to Letcher County to drop off donations to flood victims.

Hope Perry, mom of Ethan Perry, said the David Crockett football team came together to help make the truck full of donations possible. “This [is] actually the first year that my son’s playing high school ball, but they really came together for this. Crockett just kind of showed up and they took care of everything.”

When the Perry family arrived in Letcher county, they saw a sliver of destruction the deadly flood caused.

“You don’t just not help people that need help. I mean it’s something God would want you to do,” said Crockett football player Ethan Perry.

The family told News Channel 11 that when the coaches and team learned of the devastating flood, they knew they had to help. In just a couple of weeks, the Pioneers are expected to play Letcher Central on Aug. 26.

“I mean it means a lot, it shows that there’s good sportsmanship,” said Perry.

Perry’s mom said she thinks the upcoming game will be different. “They don’t know the players personally, but I think there’s some type of little connection there that you know, ‘hey we tried to do something good,’ so I look forward to the game.”

Information on how to help Kentucky flood victims can be found here.