Kingsport Mayoral race coming to a close; meet the candidates running before you cast your vote


The Kingsport mayoral race is coming to a close as the candidates are still campaigning for votes. 

Voters in Sullivan County will head to the pools tomorrow for municipal elections. 

One race being followed closely is the Kingsport mayoral vote. Current Mayor John Clark announced earlier this year that he would not be seeking reelection. 

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Voters in the Model City will select a new mayor from five candidates. Those candidates are Joe Carr, Dennis Mabb, Mike McIntire, Pat Shull, and Nathan Vaughn.

On Monday, News Channel 11 reached out to all five candidates. Three were able to go on camera: Joe Carr, Mike McIntire, and Nathan Vaughn.

Vaughn said his focus in the race is helping the people of Kingsport. He’s running on the campaign of H.E.A.R.T: healthcare, equal employment opportunities, accessibility to individuals in government, roads, and taxes. 

“We need to have a heart for the people that we serve. We need to believe that government is best able to benefit the people and that’s what I want to see Kingsport’s government be able to do,” said Vaughn. 

Current Vice Mayor Mike McIntire is focused on economic development and Kingsport’s finances. 

“Eastman has been a great corporate citizen. I worked there for a long time and they’ve done so much for this community and again it’s important that they do well,” said McIntire.

Joe Carr’s campaign slogan is “Wake up and smell the roses.” 

“There’s just a lot of issues that our current city government hasn’t addressed. You know, our wages are stagnant, economically we’ve fallen behind Bristol and Johnson City, our roads are falling apart,” Carr said.

Pat Shull sent News Channel 11 the following statement, 

“I’m running for mayor to provide principled, practical leadership because Kingsport’s progress depends on priorities. That means keeping taxes low, holding the line on spending, repairing our roads, and holding quarterly townhalls outside of working hours. I’m proud of the positive campaign we’ve run.” 

News Channel 11 also reached out to Dennis Mabb. We are waiting to hear back. 

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