Police say dog with cut throat, duct-taped muzzle was a hoax by owner


(CNN) – Police say someone made up a story about finding a dog with its snout taped shut and throat cut, all to get free vet care.

A tail of two stories happened in Ohio.

The dog, Dani, is currently with Alice Anderson, who is fostering her.

“This is my 235th foster,” Anderson said. “You’ll never find another one like her. The tail wags 24/7. She’s a very good dog.”

Dani is a good dog who fell on hard times.

“I was so broken-hearted,” Anderson said. “It was like, how could somebody do this?”

The person who brought Dani to the vet said they found her in Middletown on August 17.

She had a bloodied neck, and according to police, was muzzled for hours at a time.

“Trauma and lesions. It’s certainly something awful. Something terrible,” said Dr. Fidan Kaptan of the county’s animal hospital.

Now, police believe that the person who posed as a Good Samaritan was actually Dani’s owner, who didn’t have the money to provide for her.

“It’s more frustrating than anything else. Not having all the information, and not having all the answers,” said Katie Goodpaster of Hart Rescue of Cincinnati.

Katie Goodpaster, with Hart Rescue of Cincinnati, Dani’s original adoption rescue, says they’re focusing on moving forward.

“Oh, absolutely. We’re absolutely pushing for charges,” Goodpaster said.

But they’re ready to put her best paw forward.

“She has part of my heart right now. I just love her to death,” Anderson said.

Dani will not return to her owner.

But she won’t be available for adoption for quite some time either as she continues her recovery.

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