JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity officials announced the suspension of their fraternity charter at East Tennessee State University Monday afternoon — a fraternity that was placed on interim suspension just last month.

According to a statement from Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, the charter for Epsilon Zeta Chapter at ETSU was suspended effective Monday.

The Supreme Council of the Fraternity reportedly voted to suspend Pi Kappa Alpha’s charter “due to activities that were inconsistent with the fraternity’s standards and university policies.”

According to a summary provided by ETSU, Pi Kappa Alpha was placed on suspension from all chapter operations and participating in university activities in 2013-14 after two incidents where members of the fraternity were involved in fights with other ETSU fraternities.

Pi Kappa Alpha’s national headquarters reportedly conducted a membership review of the chapter and then put out a plan for improvement.

The chapter then resumed operations in Fall 2014 and were allowed to participate in school activities.

According to the summary, the Epsilon Zeta chapter was then involved in other incidents and were sanctioned for having an unregistered party with alcohol, disorderly conduct and for conduct unbecoming for ongoing issues with the Interfraternity Council.

Back in February, university officials met the Pi Kappa Alpha chapter alumni and advisors to talk about concerns and to address issues in the chapter.

In August of this year, the fraternity did not pass a fire inspection and other building permit issues were found, which resulted in chapter members being told not to hold events in the house until it passed fire inspection. A month later, officials received information about the fraternity having unregistered events with alcohol, which violated the disciplinary status and directive to not hold events in the house.

“While the university began to investigate reports of unregistered events, two other serious reports were received,” according to the summary. “A complaint was reported of a sexual assault at an off-campus apartment. It was reported that the student was assaulted by a member of the fraternity and that both had attended an unregistered event with alcohol earlier that night at the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity house.”

“In a separate incident, an individual who was reported to have been a member of the fraternity at the time had been charged in a stabbing at an off-campus apartment. The totality and nature of the complaints and violations were such that the university again placed the chapter on interim suspension in September 2016, instructing the chapter to cease all operations,” the summary said.

Pi Kappa Alpha’s International Fraternity also placed the chapter on interim suspension.

According to the statement from Pi Kappa Alpha officials, the fraternity made the decision to suspend the charter at the university with the support of ETSU administrators.

“The International Fraternity has already initiated discussions with alumni and university partners to develop a plan for the Chapter’s return at a later date,” according to the statement.

When suspended, the chapter can no longer operate under the name Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity or use the organization’s name or symbols.Copyright 2016 WJHL. All rights reserved.