JOHNSON CITY, TN – On Wednesday, One Acre Cafe in Johnson City hosted its ninth annual Thanksgiving community event.

The cafe began preparing for the meal in September.

With help from employees, volunteers, and the community, the cafe was able to pull off another successful event. They provided a Thanksgiving meal to hundreds of people, free of charge.

“It’s a wonderful time for the entire community to get together and to share a meal and to share their fellowship with one another and to understand what we’re thankful for today,” said Chef and Kitchen Manager, Bob Adams.

One Acre Cafe is a community cafe where everyone is welcome regardless of someone’s ability to pay.

“It allows you to volunteer for about an hour or longer to give back to the cafe for your meal,” said Cafe Manager, Vicki Tipton.

One Acre has been busy collecting donations and preparing this meal for weeks, preparing food for up to 350 people.

“It’s a lot of work for the staff and a lot of work for the volunteers but it’s also a terrific reminder that, as great as we have it, there are people that don’t have it quite as good,” Adams said.

“That’s why we’re here, to help our community and to help grow our community and to feed the people in our community that are in need.”

The community was grateful for the free meal.

“The food is outstanding,” said Lynda Anastasia. “That’s all I can say. Not just today, but every day. I’m here at least two times a week.”

Anastasia said it is the sense of community and the great food that she is thankful for.

“It’s really a really wonderful place. I’m comfortable here and I’m nourished here, in more ways than one,” she said.

One Acre Cafe is located on West Walnut Street in Johnson City. They are open for lunch on weekdays from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. and are always looking for donations and volunteers.