BRISTOL, Va. (WJHL) – The shockwave from a massive home explosion in Bristol, Virginia Saturday caused damage to neighboring homes, ranging from loose siding to possible foundation damage.

The explosion leveled one home on the 300 block of Booher Springs Road. No one was home, and no one was injured.

The Bristol Virginia Fire Department said Monday the cause of the explosion is still under investigation.

But the blast was large enough to shake the entire neighborhood, and cause damage to some homes nearby.

Tyler Belcher’s home sits right next door to the where the explosion happened.

Belcher said he was finishing breakfast with his family in the home’s sun room Saturday morning when he saw his neighbor’s home disappear in a matter of seconds.

“You really don’t know what just happened even though I kind of watched everything transpire,” Belcher said. “If you put yourself in an action movie, in a good theater, a bomb scene, that what it, it was like a bomb went off.”

The explosion sent debris flying into his home and across the yard.

Window frames were pushed inward from the shockwave’s force. A garage door crumpled after being hit with bricks from the home.

For Belcher, the damage has raised questions about the structural integrity of his home.

“There’s actually brick in my bottom basement from the other house. Drop ceiling damage,” Belcher said. “A lot of things are starting to show themselves today than they did over the weekend as the house has settled back down.”

Belcher said his family is staying in a hotel until a structural analysis can be completed.

“A blast of that size, maybe I’m naïve to think there’s probably some other things going on that I just can’t see at this moment,” Belcher said.

The shockwave was also felt across the street in a small duplex cul-de-sac.

It was shielded by dip next to the road, but the blast still caused some minor damage, such as loose siding, to some of the duplexes.

Rick Johnson lives in that neighborhood, and said he was leaving to go to the store when the house blew.

“The pressure waves come. It actually blew the door out of my hand,” Johnson said. “I just seen the plywood and stuff coming down out of the air.”

Johnson ran back inside to call 911. Then, he and a neighbor checked on the house to make sure no one was home.

It was thankfully unoccupied, but it’s an event few in the neighborhood will ever forget.

Belcher said he’s close friends with the homeowners, who were set to move in this week. He said he is glad only material possessions were harmed.

“The mood of the day would’ve been much different had we known somebody or a pet, they didn’t have any pets, may have been inside,” Belcher said.

News Channel 11 reached out to the homeowners for an interview, but they declined.