A Nebraska mother is voicing her concerns and warning other parents about a device she thought would help keep her child safe.

Tiffany Berney bought a pink electronic watch for her daughter that also serves as a location and contact device that lets her call the young girl.

“If she doesn’t answer within 10 seconds it automatically answers, so I can hear the background just to make sure everything is okay,” Berney explained.

But on her way to school Thursday, 7-year-old Makenna said the watch started playing messages from voices she had never heard before.

“It just started going and I got kind of creeped out,” the girl said.

So Makenna called her mom to let her know what was going on.

“I was like, ‘Oh, she’s overreacting. My oldest has her spooked about something.’ Then she had played it and was telling me about it and I was like, that’s legit,” Berney said.

The mother said the device was playing strange, luring messages from a man, and what sounded like a young girl.

“(It said) ‘I just want to play, don’t tell your daddy. Just step into the car,'” Berney recalled. “I can still hear the gentleman’s voice in my head right now. (The) ‘step in the car’ part, it sounded like a girl.”

Berney says she’s not sure if it was interception or interference, or if someone was able to hack into the device. But she told CNN affiliate WOWT the name of Makenna’s best friend and neighbor was mentioned multiple times in the message.

WOWT reached out to the maker of the watch. They were told the issue could be with an accompanying mobile app, but the company said it isn’t sure how an unauthorized party could contact the device.