(WJHL) – From cats encased in insulating foam to a snake-based wardrobe malfunction, the Hambone Awards center around the strangest pet insurance claims ever filed with Nationwide.

According to the Nationwide insurance website, the Hambone Awards began after an insured dog was accidentally locked in a refrigerator. By the time the dog’s owners found it, it had already eaten an entire ham and was suffering from mild hypothermia.

This year, Nationwide selected 12 different claims for pets that ended up making a full recovery and left it up to a vote to decide the final winner. Once the voting is over, the winner receives a Hambone trophy and prizes.

Voting can be done online, and this year’s claims are unique to say the least:

  • Ellie – A Goldendoodle who lost the tip of her tail to a closing door.
  • Rex – A Shih Tzu who kept a chicken wishbone stuck in his throat for days.
  • Orangina -A rescue cat who managed to coat herself completely in insulation foam.
  • Dublin – An Australian shepherd who was stung by a Man-O-War jellyfish on vacation.
  • Rue – An Australian cattle dog who caught a treat up her nose.
  • Rafa – A Siberian cat who snuck outside and spent the night stuck in a sewer.
  • Shadow – A Doberman who picked a fight with a massive raccoon.
  • Casper – A Siamese cat who hid in a dryer and got put through the wringer.
  • Nines – A rescue snake who got himself tangled in a woman’s bracelet.
  • Maeve – A Labrador who got a marrow bone stuck around her snout.
  • Rocket – A Terrier mix who scarfed down a tennis ball whole.
  • Russell – A rescue dog who took a face-first tumble down stairs.

Voting runs from Oct. 4-17, and you can vote for your favorite once per day.