Up top, soda pop – It’s National High Five Day!

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Give out all the high fives you’ve got in you on April 18th because it’s National High Five Day!

According to the wonderopolis.org, the “high five” has two origin stories:

Many believe the first high five happened on October 2, 1977 in Dodger Stadium when Los Angeles Dodger player Glenn Burke congratulated his teammate Dusty Baker after a home run. “His hand was up in the air, and he was arching way back. So I reached up and hit his hand. It seemed like the thing to do,” Baker said. 

The second version of the origin of the high five happened between the two Louisville Cardinals basketball players Wiley Brown and Derek Smith during the 1978-79 season. According to the players, Brown initiated a low five to Smith, but then Smith said, “No. Up high.” 

But, it’s not just for sports fans and players! Everyone can participate and on any occasion. So, wherever you spend your day, give the person next to you a high five!

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