(NEXSTAR) — A stray dog that went viral over his dogged determination to make a best friend of a stuffed unicorn at a North Carolina store is set to be adopted.

Officials say the dog, named Sisu, tried multiple times to swipe a stuffed unicorn from a Dollar General store in Duplin County, according to the county’s animal services department.

“Sisu. The dog who broke into a Dollar General Store 5 times to steal the same purple unicorn—the same exact one,” local photographer Shannon Johnstone posted on Facebook. “Not others like it near by, but that one in particular.”

Sisu had set his sights on the purple unicorn with a red, sparkly horn and hooves, so persistently that animal control was called to remove him.

According to the department, the officer who responded bought the unicorn for Sisu and made sure he had it nearby when he was taken to the shelter.

“She purchased the unicorn with her own money,” Johnstone wrote, “and said, ‘well, it is what he wanted.'”

Johnstone said in her post, “Please know that Sisu has rescue and is adoption pending!” She added that the Duplin County Animal Shelter also has other “great animals” that need homes.