Spelling of signs changed to prevent theft


MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Md. (CNN NEWSOURCE) – Blunt Road in Germantown, Maryland is named after a historic Montgomery County family, but why is the street sign missing a “U?”

Michael Paylor with Montgomery County’s Department of Transportation explains.

The sign shop has eliminated vowels along certain streets where people kept stealing signs that have a double meaning.

“It’s working really well, unfortunately for those people who liked to steal those signs,” he said.

In addition to Blunt Road, residents have targeted Terrapin Drive in Silver Spring, Stoner Drive in Colesville, and this street in Olney, that you can see for yourself on the video.

Brad Kay grew up near Stoner Drive and hadn’t heard about the county shedding vowels.

“Is that what it says now? Oh, I missed it. I didn’t even look,” Kay said. “Well, obviously a stoner is someone who spends most of their time smoking weed and, I think the fact the sign is getting stolen more and more frequently is a testament to the potency of the marijuana that I hear is going on these days.”

Paylor says the county sign shop has also reinforced certain signs poles and placed signs higher up. The topic, humorous, but only to a point.

“When we have to replace a sign that has been stolen, we have to fit that back into our typical work schedule, which is already burgeoning right now,” he said.

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