Singing butcher brings customers joy in small town with lively grocery store


(CNN) – Most people head to the grocery store for milk and bread. But in one small town in Iowa, the market has become the spot for song and dance.

And Iowa’s singing butcher isn’t the only crazy combination you’ll find there.

For a hundred years, five aisles in Lenox have been the place to find both eggs and the buzz.

“People come in here to talk about who passed away, or who’s having a baby, or what is the weather going to be today,” said Bonnie Ramsey, one of the owners of Ramsey’s Market.

But lately, those shoppers started noticing a change.

It started with the smoke machine back by the meat counter, then it ramped up when the disco lights started flashing.

And heads really turned when Bonnie, the owner, nailed the high notes while slicing rib eyes.

The singing butcher behind those lungs has heard them talk.

“Most of the locals were like, what are you doing?” Bonnie said.

She is spreading joy, even if it means dancing with men more interested in bleach than that brunette.

But Bonnie Ramsey is only half of the equation, because next door, her husband Theo is making tacos in the old school gym that’s now their Ace Hardware.

Where you can get both a saw and Taylor County’s largest selection of hot sauce under one roof, except in Lenox, Iowa, where this couple’s just getting started?

“We aim to open up a brewery and restaurant to kind of complete this little mini campus of stuff to do,” Theo Ramsey said.

In their town of only 1400, they will deliver what you can’t find on any shelf.

“Joy, I think, is something that we all need and a lot of people have a hard time finding,” Bonnie said.

So for five years, they’ve rocked and worked around the clock, knowing small towns need a jolt, because a healthy grocery store is key to any small town.

“If we didn’t have this store, we would have to travel 20 miles to get to a grocery store,” said customer Marcia Maynes.

So instead, they’re doubling down on what they believe has disappeared from so many stores.

The one that almost dares you to leave without a smile.

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