Saturn in opposition Tuesday night, planet and its rings visible depending on weather visibility


(KXAN) — Look up to the sky Tuesday night for a chance to see Saturn, its rings and possibly its moons.

The planet is in opposition, according to multiple sources. NASA says this means Saturn and the Sun are on opposite sides of the Earth. It will also be as close to the Earth as it can get all year long making this the best time to observe.

Multiple sources say to look in the southeastern portion of the sky to find Saturn. The planet will rise in the east around sunset. You will be able see it with your naked eye but to see the rings, you will need a telescope.

The moons, of course, will be smaller. But Titan is its biggest and brightest, which will be easier to see. It’s also recommended to use a telescope for those, as well.

Weather is a factor too. Storm Team 11 is forecasting partly cloudy skies tonight with a 20% chance of scattered showers and storms.

Check the Tri-Cities’ forecast tonight to maximize your chances.

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