“Rage Yoga” incorporates cursing and alcohol


KANSAS CITY, Missouri (CNN) — Yoga usually focuses on deep breathing, meditation, and soothing poses to bring tranquility and peace.

Which is why the latest adaptation of this Hindu discipline seems, well, just plain weird.

“It’s a little bit different than your traditional yoga,” said instructor Amanda Kauffman. “You have dim lights, you have soft music, this is the complete opposite. It’s yoga with an attitude, basically.”

“I’ve never done rage yoga before,” said participant Hillary Luppino. “I had recently seen something online about it, and then I saw that it was available here, so I just jumped on the opportunity.”

“The technique is different,” Kauffman said. “Instead of calming you mind, you’re bringing everything out instead. Instead of just trying to push it out quitely, you’re going to push it out and it’s going to be loud.”

“Well, first off, I get a beer with it, but the idea is also kind of incorporating the stress release of like yelling or screaming or flipping somebody off, you know what I mean,” Luppino said.

“We’ll be listening to loud music, explicit music, we will be cussing, using profanity, yelling, screaming, just letting all the negative energy out tonight,” Kauffman said before a class. “That’s the goal.”

“It’s something I enjoy,” Luppino said. “It’s not my regular music that I listen to all the time, but I still enjoy it.”

“In my house, I practice yoga to rock music, to metal music, to loud music,” Kauffman said. “That`s just what I enjoy. So when I saw the teacher training program for rage yoga, it spoke to me.”

“Speaking as somebody who works really, really hard and feels a little burned out sometimes, it just makes such a huge difference to take care of my body and just feel relaxation, feel like I’m really taking care of it, but then the mental aspect of just releasing all that stress just seems like it’s going to be a wonderful experience,” Luppino said.

“You don`t have to have that perfect place in your house,” Kauffman said. “You can just let it out and you can be yourself.”

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