NEW JERSEY (WPIX) – Earlier this week, state police in New Jersey were dispatched to find a 4-year-old who became lost in the woods after wandering away from his home in Atlantic County.

The troopers, from a state police station in Buena Vista Township, ended up finding the boy and his dog a short while later, capturing the emotional rescue on camera.

In footage shared by the New Jersey State Police on Thursday, troopers can be seen running toward the sound of the boy’s cries.

“I got him. He’s up here,” one of the troopers says into his radio upon seeing movement deeper into the wooded area.

Running toward the boy — now screaming — the trooper shouts to get his attention.

“Hey buddy … I got ya! C’mere! You’re OK!”

The sobbing boy runs toward the responding officers, who promptly lift him into their arms. He also tells them several times that he lost his shoes.

“It’s OK, its OK,” one of the troopers responds.

A moment later, a trooper is seen carrying the boy — now calmer — out of the woods in her arms. The boy’s black Labrador follows along at her feet.

The emotional rescue elicited cheers on Twitter, where police posted the bodycam footage.

“Beyond heartwarming,” one commenter wrote. “Heartfelt thanks to all those who searched. Poor little guy worried about his shoes.”

Others praised the dog, who appeared to stay with the boy throughout the entire ordeal.

“Somebody needs to tell that dog he was a good boy,” one wrote. “He stayed with that kid.”