Though most children of undocumented immigrants arrested in Wednesdays raids have been reunited with their parents, a new issue growing is how they can support their families with no income. In response, a church in Forest, Mississippi is opening their doors to help.

Emotions are still high for these children and their families. Those who couldn’t prove citizenship are now left jobless as they wait through immigration courts. But Trinity Missionary Church is giving them hope thanks to donors throughout the community. 

Two sisters describe what the last 24 hours have been like from their mom arrested to reuniting with her.

Filled with emotions two sisters were brought to tears recapping the moment they were reunited with their mother. 

“She was outside and I heard her voice so I started running to give her a hug,” Marialis Juan Felipe said.

They are Just one of hundreds of households trying to regroup after ICE agents raided food processing plants. We spoke to one worker who, with the help of a woman to translate, described the experience. 

She said as “they were coming into the building and all they were doing was screaming,” Esmeralda Lopez Vicente described. “But I couldn’t understand what they were saying. They never touched us, but they were screaming to push us in a line to walk straight,” Vicente continued.

She says she was in shock and didn’t know what to do and had nowhere to go. 

But in the midst of their depression and struggle, Trinity Missionary Church and the Forest community are stepping in to help. 

Endless piles of food fill the Trinity Missionary Church donated for families impacted by ICE raids.

“The church so far is offering shelter for us to come by and have this small center,” community volunteer Michael Bermudez said. “Community has been great I mean there’s been food and donations coming around the United States.”

Walking in the donation room shows just how caring this community has been for the families impacted by the roads. When you come in you just see endless piles of food and other grocery products stacked to help the families make ends meet. And Trinity Missionary Church tells us all the help just keeps on growing. 

“I feel happy they do care about us,” one girl said. “Thank you for helping us.” 

“I thank everybody that was always there for us,” Felipe stated. “We’ve been working hard just to be here.”

But for one boy living with his dad and uncle and still without his mother Abelina, the assistance can not fill the emptiness he feels. 

“Some people say that they took her over there to Louisiana,” Jordani Vasquez told us.  “I want to know if she’s over there or still in Jackson. I love you mom and I hope you stay safe.” 

If you would like to also help you can call the Trinity Missionary Church at 601-469-1346 to give food and supplies.