‘It fell from the sky’: Bullet shatters Denver man’s sunroof


DENVER (KDVR) — During a windy week in north Denver, Shawn Stillman figured a tree branch was to blame when he found part of his sunroof shattered Tuesday morning. Instead, he found a bullet lodged in the glass of his SUV. 

“It’s pretty clear that someone was just shooting it into the air, and it came straight down onto the car,” said Stillman, who doesn’t believe anyone was targeting his family.

Stillman said he heard what sounded like gunshots Monday evening but didn’t find the damage until the next morning. 

“I got in the car and noticed there was a whole bunch of cracking up in the sunroof,” he said. “When you looked right into it, there was the bullet. I was kind of dumbfounded that that was the case.”

He said Denver police took the bullet as evidence.

“The car was only 20 feet from our house where we were sitting and watching TV with our kids,” Stillman said. “So you know, we definitely fear for the fact that other people could get hurt.”

Stillman said he hopes whoever fired the shot knows the situation could have ended differently.

“They don’t realize that this could happen, that it could go through the roof of somebody’s house and hurt somebody,” he said. “It’s not OK to shoot your guns in the air because what goes up, most definitely has to come back down, and it comes down at a pretty fast velocity, so it’s pretty scary.”

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