Iowa farmers come together to help a farmer in need


ANTHON, Iowa (KCAU) – Siouxland farmers proving there is strength in numbers in Iowa. On Saturday, they united together to help a neighboring farmer.

“You get to be out there by yourself and think about what’s going on,” said farmer, Chris Jacobsen.

Chris Jacobsen got emotional as he describes his love for farming.

It’s just kind of a place to get away from everything else,” Jacobsen added.

This time of year is his favorite. The fall harvest is always a time when he can clear his mind, but his year shocking news he received from the doctor has given him much to think about and no way to clear it.

“I had a full weight bypass surgery. They got in to do the full weight bypass, they found out I had a hole in the heart,” Jacobsen explained.

Jacobsen had to undergo three procedures this past October and now lives with a pacemaker in his heart ordered to rest and recover from these surgeries, not only his health was at risk, but his livelihood.

“Chris needed help,” said farmer Pat Maguire.

That’s when the power of friendship stepped in.

“So, everybody come together and helped ’em,” continued Maguire.

Dozens of neighboring farmers drove their combines across Siouxland to help collect Jacobsen’s crops, an act that touched his healing heart.

“They said don’t worry about it. They’d take care of it and they’re doing it today,” Jacobsen mentioned.

“They’ve struggled all year getting crops in and they’ve struggled getting them out but when my husband needed help they’re here,” explained Jacobsen’s wife, Kathy.

Volunteer farmers covered every inch of the 140-acre farmland. Clearing in five hours what would’ve taken Jacobsen five days to complete.

“It just shows that everybody has friends and friends will help friends in their time of need,” added Maguire.

Jacobsen plans to return to his crops next year but said he will never forget this moment of compassion.

“There’s still a lot of good people out there,” Jacobsen said.

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