Dog adopted after being thrown down 3-story trash chute

(CNN) - The San Franciso Sheriff's Department and animal control have arrested a man accused of leaving a chihuahua-mix puppy with a broken leg in a dumpster for several days last month. 

Four-month-old Rocky runs around and enjoying life like any happy pup would. 

However, the chihuahua mix is lucky to be alive, says animal control officer Rebecca Fenton. 

On February 25 Rocky was found in a dumpster at an apartment complex buried under feet of garbage. The dog was dehydrated and suffering from a severely broken back leg. 

"She was terrified a little shut down. Probably had been eating the garbage that she was surrounded by, that's how she survived. But she was ill from that."

Unfortunately, veterinarians determined the leg had to be amputated. The San Francisco District Attorney's Office says 59-year-old Ronald Louis Jones is now facing charges of animal cruelty. 

Jones is accused of beating the dog and throwing it down a 3-story trash chute. Rocky spent four days and four nights without food or water.

"The facts are, you know, quite atrocious and we are very concerned about what transpired."

The puppy got the name Rocky for enduring through the horrible experience. She's now receiving care from a foster facility.

And she's also getting a new home with a familiar face.

Fenton said, "It's me! Yes, my husband and I are adopting rocky. We have room in our household. We have one small dog now and we would love for her to have a sister and Rocky is gonna be Darla's sister."

It was through security footage that officials were able to identify the suspect Ronald Louis Jones. 

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