Charmin unveils giant toilet paper rolls it claims last one month

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If you use a lot of toilet paper, imagine going up to one month before changing your roll. 

Charmin has unveiled its latest creation in the world of toilet paper — and it is very big! 

The new “Forever Roll” basts Charmin’s signature ultrasoft 2-ply sheets. 

The jumbo-sized rolls reportedly hold 850 sheets for a single-user roll, and 1,700 sheets for a multi-user roll. 

The Forever Roll is so big it even needs its own dispenser.

According to Charmin, a single-user 8.7-inch diameter roll costs $5.49 per 1.25-pound roll for a one-time purchase, or $4.39 per roll when you sign up for a subscription. 

A representative from Charmin told USA TODAY while the “Forever Rolls” may cost more, they offer convenience with its subscription service.

You won’t have to change your rolls so much or deal with recycling cardboard rolls. 

Customers can choose the quantity of toilet paper they want and when it arrives — like once a month to up to once a year. 

For those of you with larger families, Charmin also offers multi-user rolls, which are 12-inches in diameter and weigh two pounds.

There also are starter lots and a free shipping offer.

With a starter kit, shoppers can buy three multi-user rolls for $29.97 and will get a free toilet paper stand.

The single-user starter kit is $16.47, including the stand.

The Forever Rolls are also available on Amazon and at Walmart. 

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