Bristol, TN — Dirt racing could be coming back to the bristol motor speedway, and replacing the NASCAR race in the spring, it’s been a while but in 2-thousand and 2-thousand-one, BMS undertook another feat that many said could not be done.

Track officials converted the race track into a modern dirt facility and hosted two consecutive weekends of premier dirt track racing, including one with the popular world of outlaws series.
crews spent two weeks laying down the clay, some 14,000 truckloads to be exact, to solidly pack in the track foundation, but that was the world of outlaws and this would be a 33-hundred pound stock car which leaves drivers like Brad Keselowski with more questions than answers.

“I got so many questions so I kind of want to see how it plays out a little bit or unfolds I should say before really giving a detailed opinion, tires are the big question if they are going to bring a tire like they brought to the truck races that would be very disappointing but if they bring a very high quality dirt tire I think it could be an amazing race.”