Naked Florida man let 5 dogs attack Bichon Frise, called dog’s owner a ‘Muslim terrorist’


LAKE WALES, Fla. (WFLA) — Police say a Lake Wales man was naked when he stood in the doorway of his home and released his five dogs, allowing them to attack a small Bichon Frise that was being walked by its owner. Sadly, the small dog has died, the owner tells News Channel 8 Wednesday.

The Bichon Frise, Myra, was taken to a local veterinarian for puncture wounds and possible internal injuries, however she did not survive the night.

Lake Wales Police Department investigators say that Jackie Hammock, 72, had previously threatened Azard Baksh and called him a “Muslim terrorist” while threatening to release his dogs to attack Baksh.

“He started, ya know, cussing me, ‘Muslim terrorist, Islamic Muslim terrorist. Go back where you come from,’” Baksh said.

Baksh said those hateful words came during the earlier altercation when Hammack’s dogs almost got to Myra.

On Monday, police say, Hammock released the dogs, two of which began to attack Myra. The two larger dogs were described as mixed-breed dogs weighing 60 to 70 pounds.

The attack allegedly happened when Myra stopped to do her business in a grassy area. At that point, Baksh saw Hammack.

“He came out the side gate. He was nude. Yep, completely nude,” Baksh explained.

Two of Hammack’s larger dogs bee-lined for Myra. “The big mother dog came and grabbed Myra, shook her like a teddy bear. And I started screaming,” Baksh told News Channel 8.

As the attack happened, Baksh said he heard loud insults. “He started calling me names and said, ‘Don’t walk in this street, you Muslim terrorist. Stay out of here,’” he said.

After releasing the dogs, police say Hammock went back inside his home and did not try to control them. His wife then called the dogs back into their home.

Hammock allegedly opened the door and released the dogs a second time, the animals again attacking Baksh’s pup. Hammock’s wife then called the dogs back into the home, after which police say Hammock released the dogs a third time.

Lake Wales Police Department investigators say that Jackie Hammock, 72, had previously threatened Azard Baksh.

Police say that each time Hammock came to the door, he was completely nude, which was seen by a witness and another neighbor.

Baksh made it across the street to Sue White’s home, kicking the garage door.

White also got an eyeful of Hammack, totally nude. “He was standing at his door and I was sitting right there. I had a straight shot. It was very disturbing,” she said.

Myra was taken to an emergency clinic. Baksh told police he feared for the well-being of the dog and himself.

Investigators say Hammock said that he did not come to the door nude, but when an officer asked him if he sent his dogs to attack Baksh, he said, “Oh yes sir, absolutely. I hate that terrorist pr**ck.”

Hammock was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals, aggravated assault and exposure of sexual organs.

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