WASHINGTON COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – A Tri-Cities woman who knew a murder victim is pleading for someone to step forward with information about her friend, Keila Marie Taylor’s death.

The Washington County, Tennessee Sheriff’s Office said the body of Keila Marie Taylor was found on Christmas Eve after her body was dumped next to the Watauga River on Herb Hodge Road.

It’s still unclear what caused her death but Sheriff Ed Graybeal said there’s no doubt someone murdered Keila Taylor.

Over a month after Taylor’s body was found, the unanswered questions surrounding her death leave her old roommate, shaken but hopeful.

Reda Carrier described the moment she found out through social media that Taylor was dead.

“I was scrolling through and I saw the picture of her and I immediately started crying,” Carrier said.

Carrier said in 2014 she and Taylor were roommates at a home to help people struggling to get off of drugs and stay out of jail. Carrier remembers Taylor as someone who was kind and compassionate.

“She was a very good hearted person and she’d give the shirt off her back if you wanted it,” Carrier said.

Carrier also said she believes that Taylor was on the road to recovery.

“When we were in there together she was trying and it’s hard to not go back to something when you’re hurt,” Carrier said.

Carrrier has something in common with the TBI and Washington County Sheriff’s Investigators; they all want to know the truth.

“I want to know why and who,” Carrier said.

They want to know who killed Keila Marie Taylor and dumped her body along Herb Hodge Road, why they did, and how, so far, they’ve managed to get away with it.

“I’m happy they’re still looking I just hope that somebody comes forward and gives some type of information,” Carrier said.

Reda Carrier is hopeful that investigators will piece together the clues surrounding Taylor’s death as she works to move forward.

Anyone with information is asked to call 1-800-TBI-FIND or the Washington County’s Sheriff’s Office.Copyright 2017 WJHL. All rights reserved.