Mississippi woman regains identity after it’s stolen on Facebook


VICKSBURG, Miss. (WJTV) – A Vicksburg woman has a warning for others on social media.

She says her Facebook profile picture was stolen.

Nikki Ciciora found out last week that someone had taken one of her pictures from Facebook and made it their profile picture.

She went through an ordeal trying to get it removed.

“No one has this tattoo. It’s my signature.”

That’s why Nikki Ciciora was surprised when a friend sent her a screenshot of another woman’s Facebook profile.

The profile picture was of Ciciora …tattoo and all.

“First, I was like this is funny and flattering but then it turned to wow someone is using my photo to catfish,” said Ciciora.

“Catfishing” is a term to describe someone luring another person into a relationship by using false information online.

We were able to find the woman’s profile and look at her friends.

They were all men.

Ciciora’s biggest fear is that someone might confuse her for the woman who stole the picture.

“Her friends, they could be stalkers. They could see me on the street and mistake me for her because there’s no telling what she’s saying. I can’t add her has a friend because she only adds guys. It’s very scary.”

Ciciora and her friends reported the problem to Facebook several times without any results.

She did eventually get the photo removed after filing a copyright infringement report.

WJTV’s Beth Alexander looked into what it takes to get a photo removed.

You can report individual photos by clicking in the top right corner and accessing a drop down menu.

You can also report whole profiles as well.

Like Ciciora, you can also file a copy right infringement report on Facebook and there is an option to report fake accounts.

“This is scary. It’s a dangerous game people are playing,” said Ciciora.

A 2014 report by CBS says there are an estimated 83,000,000 fake profiles on Facebook.

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