SULLIVAN COUNTY, Tenn. (WJHL) – The attorney for the mother of deceased toddler Evelyn Boswell is now asking to review the state’s evidence against his client.

Megan Boswell was arraigned in Sullivan County court on Thursday morning. She pleaded ‘not guilty’ to her 11 counts of false reporting. Her court-appointed attorney, Brad Sproles, filed a motion for discovery and inspection. He’ll have until July 31st, Megan’s next court appearance, to review the evidence against her. Sproles will review her large case file containing several hours of video interviews – during which Megan allegedly made false statements on Evelyn’s disappearance.

Megan Boswell appears by video in court 05/28/20

Sullivan County District Attorney General Barry Staubus said this includes a number of video interviews and reports.

“We’re turning over what’s called discovery – and it is voluminous. And it will take a while for defense council to go through. And that’s why we set [the court date] off till July 31st,” said Staubus.

In the meantime, Evelyn Boswell’s death is still under investigation by the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office and TBI. An Amber Alert was issued for the missing 15-month-old back in February. After a search effort spanning multiple weeks, the toddler’s body was found inside a shed on the property of the Boswell family. Evelyn’s remains were discovered on March 6th. Investigators have said they have a person of interest in the case, but would not give any identifying information.

“The investigation is ongoing, so we do collect new materials during this time,” said Staubus.

Earlier in May, investigators said they still had not received autopsy results. No arrests have been made in relation to Evelyn’s death. When completed, the autopsy will be under seal by judge order.

“Any materials that are produced, including an autopsy, will be under seal,” Staubus told News Channel 11 on Thursday.

Staubus would not comment if the DA’s Office is anticipating additional charges against Megan.

“It’s taking awhile because it’s been a very exhausting and meticulously investigated case,” he said. “And of course the delay between the reporting of the child, and the death of Evelyn, has also created a lot of the length and the difficulty. And the efforts that we’re doing is part of the investigative effort.”

Evelyn Boswell

Sproles said Evelyn’s death is the most difficult part of the case.

“The tragedy of that child dying. You know you wouldn’t be human if that didn’t affect you,” he said Thursday.

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At Megan’s May 8th court appearance, Sproles motioned to lower her $150,000 bond. She’s been indicted since then, so Sproles didn’t pursue the motion on Thursday. The bond amount remains unchanged. Megan will also remain in the Sullivan County Jail.

“I can’t say that the state is just holding her there. As long as the case is moving forward, I don’t think that’s a fair statement,” said Sproles.

Megan’s July 31st court date will be an announcement hearing, where Sproles will give an update on where the case stands. He said he may have additional motions to file after reviewing the state’s evidence.

Sproles will continue to have video meetings with Megan to discuss her false reporting case.

“Obviously she’s in a situation that none of us ever hope to be in. I’m certain it’s stressful, I’m certain it’s wearing on her. But she does appear to be holding up,” Sproles said.

Sproles believes the DA’s office may be anticipating filing additional charges against Megan – on top of her false reporting counts.

“If you’re asking me to guess, my guess is ‘yeah,'” he said.

Sproles said it’s possible Megan’s case could go to trial after the July 31st court date.

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