MEET TWIZZLER: Tilted Tavern giving abused farm animals a second chance


JONESBOROUGH, Tenn. (WJHL) When it comes to abused animals with nowhere else to go, one local farm is a safe haven for the forgotten.

The Tilted Tavern Animal Sanctuary houses around 70 farm animals, all rescued and rehabilitated after getting a rough start in life.

For their newest addition, that start was a terrible neglect case that the tavern is now working to reverse.

Twizzler is a goat recovering on the farm, one of the worst neglect cases the sanctuary has seen to date.

Twizzler cannot straighten her front legs because of a deformity caused by neglect.

“Her wrists are kind of locked in place, they’re contracted,” says Robert Jones, executive director of the Tilted Tavern.

They believe Twizzler was tethered down for two years with no way to move, no vegetation to eat and no quality of life. This neglect caused her hooves to overgrow, becoming injured and deformed.

“We haven’t seen anything this bad before, 18 inches of overgrowth is significant, it’s severe neglect,” says Jones.

Unable to straighten her front legs, Twizzler’s injury affects the way she walks. But, the tavern is working with her daily, hoping for a full recovery.

For most of the animals on this farm, the road to paradise was rocky.

Dumblebore the pig was rescued from being bait for dog fights.

Dumblebore is a pig rescued by the tavern from a dog fighting ring.

“He was used to make the dogs aggressive, which is horrible. So he came with a lot of social issues,” says Jones.

The pig, now living a happy life of belly rubs and tail wags.

For these animals, farm life is sweet. It comes with hoping that one day sanctuaries like these can spark change.

“We know we can’t save every single animal, so we like them to be educational beacons to teach the public that there is a better way to treat our animals,” says Jones.

To volunteer or make a donation contact the Tilted Tavern on their Facebook page.

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