May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month and it hits close to home for WJHL


JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL)- As we continue to see springtime weather, you may see more motorcyclists on the roads, but remember safety when it comes to the roadways.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and for our WJHL News Team, it hits close to home.

Candy Crigger is our very own WJHL general sales manager and began advocating for Motorcycle Safety Awareness after the loss of her son in 2007.

It was Mother’s Day when her son was riding his motorcycle in Florida when a car made a quick u-turn, hitting and killing her son, Berry Crigger.

“In our situation, the person driving the car that hit my son was on a prescription cocktail,” Crigger said. “Whereas the combination of any of those prescriptions combined would have impaired her driving, but because there wasn’t cause on the police officer’s part they did not blood test her.”

After her son’s death, Crigger took action.

She has helped to change procedures in the region her son was killed.

Now, both drivers involved in a fatal accident must be blood tested.

Crigger said everyone should be held accountable.

“Sometimes motorcyclists are looked upon as being the careless one, but drivers need to stop and pay attention,” Crigger said.

Though Barry was wearing the proper safety gear at the time of his death, Biker Wear owner, Steve Crouch, wants drivers to know just how dangerous the roads can be regardless of the gear.

“You got to watch out for the pot holes in the road, any debris in the road, rocks, grass clippings,” said Crouch.

Looking twice can save a life.

“Just watch out for motorcycles,” Crouch said. “Their speed’s a totally different speed than you when you’re in a car, and they don’t have the protection around them like the cars do.”

Crigger now has signs and billboards posted as a reminder of her son and as a reminder to drivers.

“Motorcyclist has just as much right on the road as the cars,” said Crigger.

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