JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. (WJHL) – The Centennial Suffrage Celebration Coalition of Johnson City presented “Passing the Torch,” a mural honoring 100 years of women’s suffrage to the City of Johnson City Sunday.

According to a press release, Johnson City was a central hub of suffrage activism and organizing activities, as well as an integral part of a national movement for women’s enfranchisement in the early 1900s, hosting a statewide meeting of the Tennessee Congressional Union Party at 113 Spring St. in 1917.

To recognize those in Johnson City who fought for suffrage and to honor all those who passed the torch for voting rights to other disenfranchised Americans throughout history, the Centennial Suffrage Celebration Coalition of Johnson City commissioned a mural by artist Ellen Elmes.

“The bold women and men who stood up for suffrage should be honored not only by this artwork but more importantly by voting,” said Johnson City Mayor Jenny Brock in a press release. “The City will humbly receive the mural two days prior to Election Day, and we hope the ceremony serves as a reminder to our female citizens that 100 years ago, our ancestors fought for our right to have an equal say in who our leaders are.”

The mural, located at 398 Ashe St., commemorates the centennial anniversary of the 19th Ammendment, which affords women the right to vote in the United States.

Watch the full unveiling here: