WISE COUNTY, Va. (WJHL) — Wise County Goodwill store employees are being credited with saving a woman’s life on Tuesday.

Security camera video shows the moment a woman collapsed and team members jumped into action.

“We all worked as a team,” Goodwill Team Lead Cathy Lane said. “We did what we had been trained to do.”

As employees said the customer drained of color and went into what they believe was cardiac arrest, they called 911 and began performing CPR.

A police officer was first on the scene. Goodwill employees said he administered Narcan, an overdose reversal drug, and they continued CPR.

“The girl that was feeling of her wrist said her pulse had started a little,” Lane said. “It was starting to pick up a little bit, and I looked up a little bit and she was grasping for breath and her color was coming back into her face.”

The security camera shows the moment after emergency officials arrive. Relieved at what appeared to be a life saved, the team embraces in a hug.

“The ambulance driver came back in and he said she was sitting up and she was breathing by herself and that we probably saved her life.”

That’s a feeling staff said they’ll never forget.

“We’re ambassadors of Goodwill here,” Goodwill Team Lead Dana Milk said. “We support our community every day, which is an amazing feeling, and just yesterday we were able to save a life, so it feels amazing to be able to do that.”

Goodwill Director of Compliance and Safety Anita Williams said at least two employees in each store are required to be CPR and first aid certified.

Williams said Tuesday’s event was the first almost deadly situation that they’ve had to prevent.

“I’ve been at Goodwill for 37 years,” Williams said. “We haven’t had a life-saving event at our locations.”

Employees are now hoping to learn more about the condition of the customer, something they had not been able to confirm as of Wednesday night.